I’m a certified HootSuite Professional!

Last week I finished my HootSuite certification exam. I learned a lot, and am excited about the opportunity this allows me. You can find my HootSuite profile at: http://learn.hootsuite.com/u/paulgrote



Matt Caldwell Performing “What Cowboys Do”

I play guitar for Matt Caldwell. Here’s him performing his current single “What Cowboys Do” for Best in Texas Music Magazine. Hope you can come out to see us perform sometime!

New Videos of me performing with The Rankin Twins

A month ago I shot some music videos with The Rankin Twins. Here’s one of their current single “Holdin’ Pattern.”

SXSW Recap

This was the first year since moving to Austin that I really tried to go hear some new music at South by Southwest. For the past 3 years, I either had gigs, or just didn’t want to bother with the crowds.

On Wednesday, I went to KGSR’s live broadcast from the W Hotel at 6am. Read More…

Motivating Yourself to Practice

For any musician, practicing is a necessary investment to make in order to become the kind of performer you want to be. However, it is not always easy to commit to the daily work of improvement. In my own experience, things like fatigue, stress, emotions can get in the way. Read More…

Things to Avoid when Using Social Media

Sometimes people or businesses I follow on social media can be really annoying. The content they post, or something as simple as bad spelling, can turn me off to what they have to say or offer. Read More…

Effective Practice

For a musician or any other performer, daily practice is an important part of being prepared for the gig. It also can (and should!) be enjoyable in and of itself. Read More…