Daily Social Media Marketing

I got my Bachelor’s degree in jazz studies in 2006. Performance was the emphasis of the program I attended, and I was not given much training in the area of marketing. I regret not taking any business or marketing classes, because trying to find work as a sideman or guitar teacher has been difficult sometimes. I’ve had to rely on trial and error to develop the marketing skills I need.

When I went to college, Facebook was still new and kind of gimmicky. But now it is a powerful tool, and several other social networking sites exist that make the task of networking and marketing easier. I found this article by Brian Thompson to be helpful. He points out a common misconception – that a musician’s time would be better spent practicing or writing. But he outlines a plan for 30 minutes a day of social media marketing, which would allow any musician to continue doing the other stuff too.


Do you have a routine for social media like the one Brian Thompson outlines? What is it, and what results have you seen from it?


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