Eating Well on the Road

I have to travel a lot for gigs, and I’ve developed lots of routines for making it more tolerable. However, eating well has still remained difficult. Making good time to the next town often requires stopping for “fast” food. One meal at McDonald’s isn’t so bad, but after several days I can tell that my body is craving something better. The following article written by Brant Secunda and Mark Allen on looks to be helpful. I plan to use their tips to do a better job of fueling myself on the road.

Who else has ideas for eating well when you’re away from home?


One response to “Eating Well on the Road”

  1. loly12313 says :

    This is a great article. I really like the “Avoid feel bad foods” section. This are all good tips to have on any road trip short or long! Thanks for sharing.

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