Live Performance Gear

The instruments and related gear that I use for live performances is much different from what I would use when recording a track in a studio setting. This has to do with the fact that when you perform live, you’re expected to reproduce the sounds you hear in each of those songs. In the studio, finding a great guitar sound is as simple as choosing a guitar, plugging it into an amplifier, then turning the amp all the way up. But you can’t always do that in live situations, especially in smaller venues, without it being too loud to enjoy.

This is the purpose of some of the effects that guitarists use. We put effects in between our guitar and amp in order to reproduce some of the sounds we would otherwise be able to achieve naturally if we had the right gear, or a large enough venue.

Here is a link to an article by Brian Wampler where he describes Brent Mason’s pedalboard:

Brent Mason is the top-call studio guitarist in Nashville. If you listen to country music at all, you’ve without a doubt heard his playing. But even he needs a few effects in order to achieve the sounds he needs to recreate. His pedalboard is much more extensive than anything I’ve ever used, but I still see a few pieces that we share in common.

Any guitar hobbyists out there? What effects are you using?


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