Things to Avoid when Using Social Media

Sometimes people or businesses I follow on social media can be really annoying. The content they post, or something as simple as bad spelling, can turn me off to what they have to say or offer. I’m interested in quality content. Say something or show me something interesting! (And use spell-check…)

Check out this post by Chris Bolton where he points to some annoying social media behaviors:

What other annoying things have you noticed on social media? Does it affect how you interact with that person or business?


3 responses to “Things to Avoid when Using Social Media”

  1. loly12313 says :

    The constant updates can be very annoying. People start updating about nothing then I lose interest and quit checking their stuff. I start hiding their updates on my Facebook news feed. I think from this article I like number 6 best. I like the idea of having someone look at your profile and personalize a message instead of just a mass feed.

  2. Allison Luxenberg says :

    Thanks for posting this! I agree about spelling and grammar. I think my biggest offense is my over usage of “!” “Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”
    F. Scott Fitzgerald

  3. lkanukolanu says :

    Spelling it is! Also, shorty short cuts to words turn me off. R U cmng dis wknd? Really, for 140 characters can’t we do better than that? To me, that lingo is for SMS not tweets.

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