Walrus Audio’s Deep Six

Previously, I had posted about live gear that guitarists use during performances. The Deep Six by Walrus Audio is one new addition to my live rig that I am very happy with. It is a “studio-grade compressor in stomp box form.” For any non-music types out there, a compressor basically squishes the dynamic range (loudness and quietness) of your playing. It makes everything you play the same volume. Great guitar amps do this naturally when you crank them up loud, but that’s not always an option. A compressor helps to emulate that sound a little bit.

Before purchasing this pedal, I had been using an MXR Dyna Comp. The Dyna Comp is a great pedal, but sometimes sounded too squishy. (Not a technical term!) What I like about the Deep Six is the blend knob, which allows you to blend in the compressed signal with the non-compressed signal. This results in a much more natural sounding signal. There is still some dynamic range in what you play, but the spikes in volume get evened out a little bit. Very nice!

This review was helpful when I was searching for a new compressor: http://gearphoria.com/archives/18058

Any guitarists out there want to chime in and share what you’re using?


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