Motivating Yourself to Practice

For any musician, practicing is a necessary investment to make in order to become the kind of performer you want to be. However, it is not always easy to commit to the daily work of improvement. In my own experience, things like fatigue, stress, emotions can get in the way. I find myself feeling distracted while practicing, if I can even motivate myself to start practicing in the first place. One thing that I’ve done that has helped is to set goals. Having a clear end result allows the time I do invest to be used efficiently. But sometimes I don’t even want to pick up the guitar. In those instances, I find that if I can seek enjoyment first, the desire to practice will follow. Sometimes just turning up the volume and hitting a few loud chords is enough to remind me why I started learning guitar in the first place. In turn, I feel motivated to get to work.

Musicians: what helps you get motivated? Or if you’re not a musician, how do you motivate yourself to do your work?


One response to “Motivating Yourself to Practice”

  1. adamsaucedo1 says :

    I stopped playing trumpet after high school, but when my son decided to play in middle school, it motivated me to practice with him. It was fun while it lasted, but then he went into football and I lost all motivation, again. Lol!

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