SXSW Recap

This was the first year since moving to Austin that I really tried to go hear some new music at South by Southwest. For the past 3 years, I either had gigs, or just didn’t want to bother with the crowds.

On Wednesday, I went to KGSR’s live broadcast from the W Hotel at 6am. The lineup was:

  • Delta Rae
  • Family of the Year
  • Pickwick
  • Wake Owl
  • Elle King
  • Iron & Wine
  • Court Yard Hounds
  • Bob Schneider

I wanted to attend this concert because I already knew of Iron & Wine, Court Yard Hounds and Bob Schneider. All of the other groups were really great, but I particularly enjoyed Pickwick. Delta Rae and Wake Owl were also very good. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the other 3 days of their live broadcasts. But next year, I plan to go to as many as possible. As far as concerts go, it was a little unsatisfying because they had the bands scheduled every 30 minutes, so they really only had time for 2 songs. But it was a great way to be exposed to new music that I otherwise would not have heard.

On Thursday I went out to hear David Ramirez at the Sheraton. He put on a great concert. He’s one of those solo act songwriters/storytellers, kind of like Iron & Wine. Before he started playing, he stated that he was going to try to put on the best show that we would see all week, and he did not disappoint. So go check him out, if you get a chance!

Did anybody out there get to check out some music during SXSW?


2 responses to “SXSW Recap”

  1. Dr. Robin, A Community College Librarian says :

    As a college professor, my wife and I usually catch a lot of Sx because it always happens during spring break and we are fee to do much of it. I have experienced several consecutive years, and every year we try a different approach. One year our mission was to collect as much swag as possible. Another year, it was “pay for nothing” theme. As things have gotten so crowded, this year we “stay south of the river”—mostly Congress and S. First area (since I live in this area, it also meant no parking hassles). Here is something to consider—as the music part of Sx has so large, crowed, and commercial (less free), we have discovered that the better quality free music, food, and swag occurs during the portions of Sx that occurs BEFORE the music part. CNN’s place was superb last year!

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